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A whisper in a sea of beer

Mixed metaphor. Never a good start, or so our teachers told us.

I am one of the many new (type)faces in the burgeoning world of beer bloggery. Hello. I am, however, not worth following or generally paying any attention to.

It seems to me that beer writing and comment in general is slowly stratifying into two main camps: those who focus on ‘a beer’ and those who focus on ‘The beer.’ By that I mean that some people, from behind keyboards and cameras, review individual beers while others seek to comment on a wider range of beer related topics. Both interest me.

Good examples of each school are: RealAleReviews, TheMasterOfHoppets, BeerGogglesReviews (reviewers) and TheBeerMonkey, Pete Brown, ReluctantScooper (beery comment). However there are those who work both camps. Zak Avery (his blog) to my mind occupies a position between the two – as do others – due to his ‘Year of Beer‘ series of reviews on YouTube, an early beery inspiration for me.

I follow a mixture of these blogs, using the chrome plug-in and app from BlogLovin (if you were wondering). It’s good, but let me know if there’s a better way.

I enjoy both the idiosyncrasies of the ‘reviewers’ and the insider insights that many of the ‘commenters’ provide. Foolish though pigeonholing myself at this early stage would be, I expect that there will be more comment than beer reviews here. Sometimes overthinking and analysing new beers ruins the whole experience for me.

Well that’s all for now folks. [insert well-developed sign-off here]

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